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Hi, I’m Sol!  Welcome me as I start my blogging journey which I planned many years ago when I read an article in an Entrepreneur Magazine. It was about working at home via blogging by Anton Diaz. It gave me the hope that I could earn from home while taking care of my two (2) lovable kids: a 7-year old boy and my newly born baby girl (that was 10 years ago). It made me excited at that time, but it didn’t materialize yet when a part-time call center job came into the picture. I got enticed with the huge salary and the promise of the sun industry’s fast career growth yet I know I cannot prioritize my corporate career being a mother of those great kids. So, still the search for something that I could earn while watching them prevailed in my heart. In search of it, a lot of side business opportunities came: from direct selling to networking, from preparing sandwiches to cooking and preparing lunch packs that I sold to my office mates, from perfume selling and other imported personal products to property selling.

Year 2011, me and my husband finally took the licensure exam for Real Estate Brokers and thank God we both passed! Passing the PRC Broker Licensure Exam actually led me into this dream of mine by meeting a lot of people and exposed me to the real work-at-home opportunities without being scammed.

Now, the goal is not just to have a stable work-at-home job, but a reliable passive income, too, while becoming an instrument in helping other moms out there or even single dads to earn while taking care of their kids.

Let us grow together via this blog and so we can live life to the fullest and enjoy God’s blessings with our family and friends.

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