Facebook mirrors Snapchat features

The social media community is accusing Facebook of ‘stealing’ Snapchat ideas after it desperately duplicated the latter’s popular features.

If you have noticed, Facebook obviously has been trying to copy what made Snapchat famous.  These include Instagram Stories where users can collect selected photos and bring out a chronological story out of it and disappears afterwards, plus the mini camera interface that can be used.

Earlier today, Facebook just proved that it has completed its job by unveiling three new features:

Snapchat Filters vs Facebook Camera Effects

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From another web post, Facebook has been digging up a bunch of special effects, i.e., “masks, figures, and interactive filters” that users can likewise attach to their photos after which a selection of branded filters from famous movies that teenagers are using to impart in their snapshot posts.

Snapchat Snaps vs Facebook Direct

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Facebook has just set up its new feature called Facebook Direct which will allow users share disappearing photos and videos with Facebook friends where those receiving parties can initially get a peek of the photo or video and respond before the original post permanently disappears. Similar to what made Snapchat trendy among social media enthusiasts.

Snapchat Stories vs Facebook Stories

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When you update your Facebook app now, Facebook Stories has been added to the feed already—compiled photos and videos that are scheduled to disappear after 24 hours (same as to Instagram since last August).

From IPO, Snapchat is slowly losing its subscriber growth since the last quarter of 2016, with the Instagram Stories as the suspected culprit.

After Facebook unveiled the same features to its nearly 2 billion users, it will be harder now for Snapchat to take the lead from the social media titan.

– Source, Yahoo News/CNBC

– images from Yahoo News and CNBC

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